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Projects - Exciting News

Dusan Limited have completed many diverse projects throughout the years and have always retained customer loyalty through challenging economic times. One of our recent projects was the IT installation of a brand new direct to garment digital printer manufactured in Austria.  In conjunction with Sanco Technology, Dusan have been chosen as the sole UK and European IT partner for the support and installation of this high end printer. The global print industry is moving to a digital environment for faster more efficient and high quality print and Dusan are happy to be a part of the IT infrastructure support of these high end machines. We can also provide a full drying solution with the highly efficient Sanco Cleanburn gas dryer range manufactured in the UK.

Specific supply and design of a high specification RIP server, configuration to Windows and mixed multi server networks allow seamless one click printing of high definition artwork to the RIP server to then allow the new DTG printer to work its magic and process the print automatically based on your environment. Dusan continue to monitor this system via our remote access platform to give customers 100% support of this new and exciting step forward in print technology.

For more detailed information on the new Aeoon Direct to Garment Printer check out the Aeoon website at: www.aeoon.com or to download a specification sheet click here.

For more detailed information on the new Sanco Cleanburn Gas Dryers check out the Sanco website at: www.sancotechnology.com or to download a specification sheet click here.